POTD: Dummy 7.62×39 AN-94

    Retiv sends us this follow up image of an AN-94 mockup/demilled gun in 7.62×39, at an expo. He writes:

    Mr. Nathaniel, here is additional photo for you from Russian forum where i got first photo of that thing. Did they just attach 7.62×39 mag to it? It does look like 7.62×39 mag. Picture shows just mock-ups of guns, as i understand. ММГ markings are for mock ups, which are made as non-functioning real weapon, or made straight from real gun after some modifications to make it incapable to fire even after some work put into it.


    Retiv sent us another photo of the elusive 7.62×39 AN-94 in the hands of a Russian special forces soldier earlier this week.