Rainier Arms Avalanche Customizable Ambi Charging Handle

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

My friend Ancel, aka Shwell11, got his hands on a new Rainier Arms Avalanche. It is a new ambi charging handle that is customizable. You can pick and choose what handles to put on.

Here are some pictures he took.

I found these pictures from AR15News.com. According to AR15News, the Avalanche will retail for $79.95 to $99.95 depending on configuration.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Mosinman91/30 Mosinman91/30 on Jul 09, 2015

    yeah i think i'll stick with the original charging handle, it's much lower profile

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    • Mosinman91/30 Mosinman91/30 on Jul 19, 2015

      @Bodie by the standard GI charging handle

  • Mark Apsolon Mark Apsolon on Jul 13, 2015

    You would think it would have been designed with an attempt to divert the gas from a DI system. Just say no to the GASSSSS. Other than that its one coolio looker!