Rainier Arms Avalanche Customizable Ambi Charging Handle

    My friend Ancel, aka Shwell11, got his hands on a new Rainier Arms Avalanche. It is a new ambi charging handle that is customizable. You can pick and choose what handles to put on.



    Here are some pictures he took.

    Rainier Arms Avalanche 2 Rainier Arms Avalanche 3 Rainier Arms Avalanche 4 Rainier Arms Avalanche


    I found these pictures from AR15News.com. According to AR15News, the Avalanche will retail for $79.95 to $99.95 depending on configuration.

    Rainier-Arms-Avalanch-Ambi-Charging-Handle-1-copy Rainier-Arms-Avalanch-Ambi-Charging-Handle-2-copy Rainier-Arms-Avalanche-Ambi-Charging-Handle-3

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