Dimitri Karras, the Founder of Ares Armor, Tells Us His Side of the Story

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson
Dimitri Karras, gun activist (Photo from Solider Systems)

Hours before be was fired Dimitri Karras, the founder of Ares Armor, sent an email to the CEO, Bryce Stirlen. Dimitri said to me “I believe he publicly attacked me and accused me of these nefarious things as retaliation for the letter that I sent him. He emailed his baseless attack to the entire Ares Armor customer list.”.

It is only fair, after publishing Bryce Stirlen’s letter, that I also publish the letter sent by Dimitri. Because the letter contains formatting I won’t be able to reproduce here, I have embedded the letter below. The main points are …

1. There are many quotes on the Ares Armor website and blog which are falsely attributed to Dimitri. Dimitri wanted these quotes removed.

2. Dimitri claims the company was falsely promoting itself as a veteran owned company for financial gain. Dimitri claims that only 30% of the company is now veteran owned.

3. Dimitri claims company falsely promoted itself as Combat Veteran owned company. Ares heavily branded himself as a combat veteran owned company.

4. Ares failed to honor promises to support Dimitri’s legal again against the BATFE.

5. Disagreement regarding IP indemnification. I don’t know the background of this dispute.

6. Dimitri demands mediation from a neutral third-party to settle the above disputes.

7. Dimitri includes numerous supporting documents, including internal emails, to support his arguments.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Guest Guest on Jul 09, 2015

    lol, owned :)

  • Tim G. Tim G. on Jul 25, 2015

    I don't blame him. it was founded by combat vets...now just people wanting to make a quick buck. I bought my upper right before all this happened...thank god.