Simple and compact low-cost DIY submachine gun prototype

by ImproGuns

Here are pictures of a neat little submachine gun prototype sent in. It uses minimal components and can be constructed with very basic tooling in short order. The builder made the example pictured as a non-firing replica for obvious legal reasons.

The criteria was for a design which can match similar commercial counterparts in terms of compactness, durability and aesthetics whilst being infinitely cheaper, quicker and easier to produce. It uses Sten mags, a spring from a grease applicator tool, standard lock collars and a rubber bicycle grip among other easily obtainable bits.

It strips down to only nine main components which are all housed in a single receiver tube. Internal arrangement is Illustrated below:

Some may recognize it as being a basic simplified copy of the Texas made MP2 SMG seen wielded by Arnold in the film Raw Deal.

Edit: Here is a PDF detailing it’s construction.


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  • John Idleness John Idleness on Jul 08, 2015

    Vz. 25/26 anyone?!
    I am not sure I would be happy with the trigger though - the bolt-releasing lever holds all the pressure of the main operating/recoil spring and you should work it via trigger almost directly?

  • BigFan BigFan on Jul 08, 2015

    Professor Parabellum, that masked crusader, strikes again! Volume 8 has been released, and it's WELL worth your time. THANK YOU Professor. Here is another link for those who want the whole book:

    9mm Bullet Hose(Practical Scrap Metal Small Arms Vol8)

    If you don't have a Scribd or Mediafire account, GET ONE and spend some time with this fantastic pdf. For those of you who want to build a bullet-hose, you CAN - just don't add a magazine. Single shot versions, similar to the bullet hose, are all over youtube, and are especially popular in places like Canada where you can buy some ammo but guns are harder to come by:

    Hey Professor, what's the chance you will give your loyal readers a 'Modern Spin' on the 9mm Kayaian Machine Pistol? The Kayaian uses a hacksaw blade as a trigger and really only has one moving part, (the bolt); it would be GROOVY to see this design combined with a Glock 9mm magazine.


    Love the format. Love the content. Keep up the good work!