Slide Fire comes out with AR tube for AK

    In a twist with their usual designs, Slide Fire Solutions came out with a completely different approach to their rapid fire bump fire stock systems in the SSAK47-HYB. Unlike their other models for the AK and AR, which have a very simple appearance, this one is actually made from aluminium and accepts aftermarket or standard issue AR platform telescoping stocks and pistol grips. The design wraps underneath the receiver, replacing the previous grip with a setup to accept AR grips. It still has the famous Slide Fire switch that unlocks the mechanism to place it in a rapid bump fire mode, although the new one has much less sticking out than the previous one. And of course, the AR tube allows the stock to be set at normal locking positions, without hindering operation of the bump fire. It also has a QD mount built into both sides. Overall, I think it addresses some of the concerns with their other products in that they alter the appearance of the firearm substantially and look almost flimsy. MSRP is going for $299.95.

    From the product page-

    The SSAK-47® HYB offers a personalized rapid fire experience on your AK by allowing installation of your favorite mil-spec AR-15 stock and pistol grip.

    A reversible finger rest allows for use by both left and right handed shooters. The SSAK-47® HYB also utilizes an interface block featuring an ambidextrous QD swivel mount for using your favorite quick detach sling.

    Install your favorite mil-spec AR-15 stock onto your AK rifle. Future options will include an interchangeable pistol grip mount that allows for installation of either AK or AR pistol grips.

    Combine your favorite hardware from your AR-15 with the rapid fire our chassis allows on the AK. The SSAK-47® HYB brings the best in function and durability, and is compatible with many standard AK style rifles

    Includes: SSAK-47® HYB Chassis, A2 Stock, A2 Pistol Grip, Interface Block, Hex Key, Instructions.

    The first video was taken at SHOT 2015, but the product wasn’t ready to be released yet. The second is a simple video from Youtube showing how other aftermarket stock tubes are attached to an AK platform.



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