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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

HK master sent us this photo and wrote …

Here is one of my more artsy shots. Pictured is my prized CZ75B laying on top of the U.S. Constitution. Although my name may be “HK master” i still love guns from all brands, and CZ makes some darn fine firearms. In fact, the CZ75 is my personal favorite handgun, even against some of the newer polymer guns that we’ve gotten used to. Please have a look at my instagram account “ sturm556” for more content 🙂

Do any overseas TFBers want create this photo with a replica of their countries founding constitutional document, for example the Magna Carta? If you do, send it in to TFB.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

I founded TFB in 2007 and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online. I retired as Editor in Chief in 2017. During my decade at TFB I was fortunate to work with the most amazing talented writers and genuinely good people!

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  • Lance Lance on Jul 06, 2015

    Nope if it touches the US constitution it should be a M-1911A1 or a S&S M&P!!!!

    • Porty1119 Porty1119 on Jul 07, 2015

      @Lance Czechs are second only to Americans in their American-ness. Poles and the other tough-as-nails Eastern Europeans come close. No shame in a CZ here.

  • Now how in the world did we go from the POTD to a mad scramble of a political nature.
    I'll have to stop the comments unless we get back to the topic of the CZ75.