Charter Arms Redesigning 9mm Pitbull

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Charter Arms

Charter Arms announced on Facebook that the company is redesigning the 9mm Pitbull revolver. The Pitbull is the company’s “rimless revolver” that is designed to shoot traditional auto cartridges without the need for moon clips.

According to the company, the new design will reduce capacity from six rounds to only five. Charter Arms stated this was done to help improve case extraction. Spent case extraction has been a problem for a number of shooters, and I will be interested to see what can be done to improve this.

The company is advising that the redesign is currently underway and should be completed in about 4-6 weeks. Current 9mm Pitbull owners will be able to send the existing guns back in August for a free upgrade.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Klmspider Klmspider on Jul 04, 2015

    I'm excited about better extraction. I've fired about 500 rounds through my 9mm pitbull, and can't say that I EVER had all six cylinders extract. Very rarely does it extract all six, when NONE have been fired! Those little extractors with their even smaller springs just haven't worked out for me! (Although I do hate to lose the extra round capacity)!

  • Soupmanson Soupmanson on Jul 04, 2015

    I will probubly get one of the new "improved" models. I would like to see Ruger make an LCR in 9mm too.

    • Kipy Kipy on Jul 05, 2015

      @Soupmanson You know there is a LCR 9mm...