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    When the Glock 43 was debuted at the 2015 NRA Meeting it was with a significant amount of excitement, because the long-awaited single-stack 9mm had finally arrived. Demand immediately outdid supply, and the even now, months later, the Glock groups on social media continue to be filled with “new gun” and “new gun’s first day at the range” photos from proud owners. There’s no doubt the Glock 43 is popular, and if you have one, or know someone who does, odds are you’re in the market for the perfect holster. Enter the latest offering from Alien Gear Holsters.

    The new Alien Gear Holster is for concealed carry and is made from boltaron and custom-molded to the gun’s frame for a secure fit. The material is tough and durable, so that unlike some holsters, you won’t be faced with replacement just  a few short years down the road. Alien has only been around for two years but has gained quite a few dedicated holster users in that timeframe thanks to their dedication to quality along with their innovative designs.

    Take a look for yourself on their website at:     MSRP starts at $29.88.

    From Alien Gear Holsters:

    Alien Gear Holsters, the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the planet has recently added the Glock 43 holsters to its lineup of hand-crafted gun holster shells. These shells are made with dense, hardened boltaron designed to withstand decades of hard use.

    Alien Gear Holsters has molded the perfect holster shell to facilitate the new thin and compact single-stacked Glock 43. According to, the lightweight 9 millimeter has been the most anticipated pistol in Glock history.

    Purchase a concealed carry holster for the Glock 43, and choose from an inside-the-pants leather or a comfortable, lightweight neoprene composite material. Alien Gear Holsters also offers an outside the waistband holster option, available in black or tan leather material. These holsters are perfect for open or concealed carry.

    Alien Gear Holsters makes over 400 different shells, eliminating the need to buy a different holster for each pistol that you own. Instead, just one holster base can be used to facilitate multiple shells. This allows owners to keep the same hand-stitched base, while interchanging their shells to suit any given firearm. Alien Gear Holsters also offers free shell trades for life as long as the customer still owns their holster base.

    Each custom-made holster is backed by an Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee, a 30-day test drive, and a forever warranty. If any part of your Alien Gear Holster ever breaks for any reason, it can be repaired or replaced for free.

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