Anderson MFG No Lube AR-15

    I just heard about this company for the first time. A customer at my work mentioned it and how Anderson MFG treats the guns with a special coating that allows the gun to run without lubrication. I looked into the company and their marketing advertises exactly that.

    The Anderson Rifle is the only rifle in the world that never requires lubrication. It is only possible because it is permanently treated with RF85, the nano technology that injects calcium into the molecular fabric of the metal. RF85 is permanent. It is INas the metal. RF85 reduces friction 85% and wears with the metal. Under heat and pressure the calcium nano particles elongate and form a protective barrier that eliminates the need for lubrication.

    An ancillary benefit arises because without an oily film to catch carbon particles, the rifle runs cleaner much longer. A typical lubricated weapon traps the carbon byproducts from explosives. Under the heated conditions found in weapons, the gooey mess turns into tar which bakes into a solid mass and fouls the chamber. The result is life-threatening weapon failure.

    The Anderson Rifle uses RF85 nano-technology to fire with

    • 85% Less Friction
    • 23% Faster Action
    • Never Needs Oiling
    • Cleans Up with Soap & Water



    Here is a bearing test they posted on their website.



    In this video, a distributor tested the RF85 Anderson firearm against another competitor. I wish I knew what gun and what distributor performed this test.


    Here is a factory tour.

    At face value the RF85 treatment sounds like a wonder drug. Has anyone had personal experience with an Anderson MFG AR?

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