Laugo Arms’ Scorpion Evo 3

    The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 has become very popular this year. I managed to get one finally. However I noticed some subtle changes from the original Scorpion and the one that I got. The new Scorpions have a slightly redesigned magazine catch and the trigger group no longer says “Designed by Laugo”


    Take a look at this picture below. In italics, it says DESIGNED BY LAUGO. Also if you look at the magazine catch, right behind the magazine, there is a rectangular protrusion.

    Laugo 8

    Here is a photo of my Scorpion, it does not say “DESIGNED BY LAUGO” and it does not have the protrusion on the magazine catch.

    Laugo 9


    I started to look more into Laugo Arms and a friend sent me these photos. The original prototypes and final design of the Scorpion were designed by Jan Lučanský of Slovakia.


    This prototype looks like a deformed version of a HK UMP.

    Laugo 3


    This is one of the iterations of prototype designs for the Scorpion.

    Laugo 4



    A proposed rifle version of the Scorpion.

    Laugo 5

    Another prototype scorpion.

    Laugo 2

    Here is a cad drawing. The Scorpion design is mostly there. However the stock is different. It is a slither stock like the MP5. You can see rectangular bars along the side of the receiver.

    Laugo 1


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