POTD: The mythical Enfield EM-2 Rifle No.9 Mk1

    In about an hour’s time we will be publishing a TFBTV video about the Pedersen rifle, which was chambered in the .276 Pedersen. Almost three decades later the British developed the .280 British round, very similar to the .276 Pedersen, and an experimental bullpup assault rifle chambered in it called the Enfield EM-2 or Rifle No.9 Mk1. Once again the US military were reluctant to give up a high-powered .30 caliber round for a lower powered 7mm round with better ballistics. The EM-2 was scrapped and the SA80 assault rifle was developed.

    15 years later the US military had realized that full power battle rifles were not ideal but instead of adopting a lower slightly lower power but ballistically superior cartridge, they instead opted to adopt a varmint cartridge, the 5.56mm NATO … ~25 years later the internet was invented and gun nuts have been debating these cartridge decisions online ever since.

    The particular rifle is a very rare EM-2 chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. It is one of the few left in the the world. Many thanks to Trev Weston for taking and sending us this photo.