SureFire Cuts Staff Due To Decline in Military Sales

    It’s a pretty rough time for many in the firearms industry these days, Colt recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and PTR Industries has been having trouble paying their rent. The Fountain Valley, California based gun accessories and flashlight maker SureFire, LLC recently announced that they too are in some financial troubles and will be laying off staff due to a drop in revenue from military spending.

    “We had to make some difficult decisions to layoff some very good people,” said SureFire founder Dr. John Matthews in a release announcing the layoffs. “SureFire ramped up to meet the demands of our military but we must ‘right-size’ now that military spending has declined.”

    SureFire is known for their muzzle brakes, suppressors and flashlights but relied heavily on sales to the military. They didn’t mention how many employees will be let go, just that it will affect all departments.

    Ray I.

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