Nick Fury And Shield

    I was watching Marvel’s Avengers on TV and I noticed something for the first time. Nick Fury and Shield go hand in hand, but that is a given. What I noticed was the gun he was carrying.  Of all the pistols he could have, he pulls out a S&W M&P Shield. Haha very funny. I am not sure if this was the decision of Joss Whedon, the director, or a suggestion by the props master?

    Here is the scene from the movie. It is when Samuel L Jackson, rushes out to shoot down a plane from taking off the Helicarrier. He manages to take one plane down, but a second takes off. He whips out the M&P Shield as if to shoot the plane down with a sub compact pistol. Ahh Hollywood, you so silly. Don’t even get me started with that support hand grip covering up his right thumb. At least he has thumbs high and forward.

    Fury Shield2


    Here is the video clip.

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