PTR Industries Served Notice on Past Due Rent

    According to the local site, PTR Industries, maker of US-made H&K G3/CETME rifles has been served a default notice for failure to pay rent on their county-owned property. PTR famously made the move to South Carolina from Connecticut after the Sandy Hook shooting and its political fallout.

    Details from the first few paragraphs of the article:

    PTR Industries, the gunmaker that made national headlines by moving from Connecticut to Aynor in 2013, risks losing its local headquarters because the company owes Horry County more than $73,000 in overdue rent, according to public records.

    However, some Horry County Councilmen are simply pleased to have the once-vacant building occupied with jobs for area residents, and are willing to work with the gun manufacturer.

    County officials sent a default notice to PTR on June 10 stating that the company had 30 days to pay its rent or the county would retake the building the company leases in the Cool Springs Business Park.

    “We’ve come to a point in time where we’ve actually put them on notice that we’re looking at exercising our rights under the lease agreement to recover those arrearages,” said Arrigo Carotti, county attorney.

    Now, the County is not quite ready to evict the company, but stresses that the company must pay attention to the issue as soon as possible. The frustration seems to stem from a lack of communication between the company and County, with the County attempting communication at multiple points.
    Nathan S

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