SKS Obrez


    The pictures are a couple of years old (prior 2009), but interesting nonetheless. Apparently it is a picture from a seized weapons cache in Iraq, later in the war due to the ACU helmet cover on the kevlar laying on the floor. The gas tube is completely removed so I’m pretty sure it is a bolt action. Still, it’s an SKS pistol! The guns in the crate seem to also be of varying designs, some conventional such as the PKM with polymer stock and various AK rifles as well. I can’t tell right off the bat what the compensator is, but it certainly isn’t AR based, the birdcage goes all around, and it tapers from the bottom up. I haven’t included AK modified (Peshawar or otherwise) pistols in this post because they are far too numerous to mention and are a different operating system.

    The picture is on several different sites and forums around the internet, 4cdn,,, Pinterest, and



    This picture came from a graphic design website. All seem to be concept art ideas rather than drawings of actual rifles.


    Much thanks to Steven Swingler for the tip!


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