“Gun owners” wanted, Walking Dead casting

    A film casting company by the name of Project Casting has put out a request for people with extensive firearms experience and happen to live near or in the state of Georgia, for the chance to be used in the oncoming episodes of The Walking Dead Television show.

    The extras casting directors behind ‘The Walking Dead’ are looking for men mid 20’s to 40 years old with firearms experience to work on a scene filming this week in Atlanta, Georgia.

    They must have had a ton of emails because they apparently took the public email to send it to down with the last paragraph. Their Facebook page is over here, might be able to reach them that way. As I understand it, sometimes movies and TV shows have all the best advice and correct small arms props at their disposal, but that means nothing to whomever the set designers or costume directors are, and thus ignore the sound advice and stick things in where they want. Like in the recent Fast & Furious 7 movie where one of the bad guys is carrying a G36C but his plate carrier is full of PMAGs, which won’t fit at all in a G36.

    For Wednesday 6/24 and possibly Monday 6/29 — we are looking for men mid 20’s to 40 years old with firearms experience — Caucasian, African American, Hispanic – really any ethnicity with some decent amount of firearms experience – former military, police etc… very much encouraged to apply — email a recent photo, experience, all clothing sizes and contact info to: [Casting Call Details Removed at Casting Director’s Request]


    Maybe they want to prevent things like this? TFB covered this about an earlier episode of The Walking Dead. In the guys defense, maybe the RCO got knocked off by some recent zombie horde? But that chicken wing though, that is inexcusable.

    I don’t watch television, but on an unrelated side note, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines (deactivated Aug 2014, and my battalion) carries the motto “The Walking Dead”, or Vietnamese, “Di Bo Chet”, for the horrendous amount of casualties the unit lost in Operation Buffalo during the Vietnam War. I don’t know how many times I’ve corrected someone when I mention the motto and they say something about the TV show…


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