Uber Bans Drivers & Riders From Carrying Guns


    Even after a successful and lawful gun use, Uber has decided to ban its riders and its drivers from legally carrying guns.

    Uber Technologies says it is banning firearms of any kind during rides arranged through the Uber platform, and drivers or riders who violate the rule may lose access to the platform. The rules also apply to Uber’s affiliates.

    Back in April, an Uber driver stopped a possible mass murder. He saw the alleged suspect open fire on a group of people in Chicago. The Uber driver was legally carrying his hand gun and stopped the attacker.

    The choice to ban firearms from Uber’s services comes from polls taken from riders and drivers. I am curious what regions they polled these people? Another concern is for the drivers. They drive their own car and since it is their property, they could legally carry when not on UBER driving duties. Also how will UBER know unless someone narcs on someone?

    According to this Fox News article, competitor Lyft also bans firearms from its services.

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