New Hand Deprimer From Frankford Arsenal

    Reloading spent cartridge isn’t just about saving money, it’s a technique often used to create specifically hand-loaded rounds. Thanks to careful hand-loading techniques from outdoorsmen such as Elmer Keith we have rounds like the .44 Magnum; without innovation, the gun industry would be seriously lacking in both firearms and ammo. It’s gained popularity especially as we’ve experienced shortages in recent years, and if you’re a reloader, or just thinking about getting into it, there’s a new tool coming out that might interest you.

    The new reloading tool is the Platinum Series Hand Deprimer from Frankford Arsenal. According to the company it’s versatile, capable of being used with a broad range of calibers from .20 cal to .338 lapua, and easy to use. The new deprimer is designed to deprime both pistol cartridges and crimped primers in four steps. It’s made from die cast aluminum, so it’s durable, and it’s made for comfortable use. The design is all their own and patent-pending.

    Take a look online at or visit the company’s website at <a href="”> MSRP listed on their site as $64.99.

    From Frankford Arsenal:

    “The Platinum Series Hand Deprimer is made of robust die cast aluminum and features a full length ergonomic grip. The fully contained operating system captures the spent primers in a collection tube of which can be removed and emptied with ease.

    The Platinum Series Hand Deprimer features our (patent pending) Universal Collet System that can handle brass from .20 cal all the way up to .338 Lapua. Our versatile Hand Deprimer can also deprime pistol brass and Military crimped primers quickly and easily. In just 4 easy steps you can deprime your spent brass by hand! The Platinum Series Hand Deprimer is truly an essential tool to add to your reloading station.”

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