POTD: The Kalashnikov Concern PL-14 Pistol

    © Irina Mareeva

    Today’s POTD is a photo taken by Russian shooter Irina Mareeva of the new Kalashnikov Concern PL-14 Pistol. This photo shows the ergonomics of the new pistol with its Glock-like grip angle.

    Here is a comparison with the Glock that I put together. The Glock is red, the PL-14 is blue (they are not necessarily to scale and the PL-14 has been flipped horizontally. The virtual ruler is at a 22 degree angle).

    glock vs pl14

    The shape of the PL-14 backstrap, with its almost target-like bulge at the bottom, would cause the shooter to hold it differently to a Glock despite the similar grip angle.

    Here is another photo of the PL-14 from Ms. Mareeva …