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    The AR platform has been popular since its creation more than 50 years ago, and although there are quite a few components on the market for them, the importance of certain parts is sometimes minimized. One part some shooters don’t worry about is the trigger guard, but reality is your gun’s trigger guard is an important piece. Not only does a good quality trigger guard lend itself to greater safety but it also matters when it comes to overall function. So whether you’re building your own AR or looking to put on some better-quality aftermarket parts, take a look at the new products coming from Hogue.

    The new Hogue trigger guards include models made from a polymer so they’re both lighter weight and tough. Polymer trigger guards come in black, flat dark earth, and OD green. Then there’s the new G10 which comes
    in a variety of styles and colors; everything from black to blue to pink is available. If you prefer to shoot wearing gloves the G10 contour trigger guards are just for you, allowing for extra room, while the regular G10 is the traditional size. Trigger guards come with hardware included and Hogue advertises them as easy to install.

    The new trigger guards are made for AR-15s and have an MSRP of $12.95 for the polymer model and $24.95 to $29.95 for the G10. Take a look for yourself at

    From Hogue:

    Hogue Inc, America’s premier manufacturer of firearm grips, rifle stocks, AR components, knives, holsters and gear is pleased to offer a variety of trigger guards for AR-15 MIL-Spec style rifles, now in stock and available at your favorite Hogue dealer. “The MIL-Spec AR’s trigger guard is an often overlooked component owing to its simplicity,” explained Hogue’s Neil Hogue, “but it makes a vital contribution to the firearm’s overall safety so we didn’t cut corners or make any compromises on our trigger guard strength and durability.”

    Hogue offers G10 contour trigger guards – extra roomy for gloved trigger hands – or straight G10 guards in a variety of beautifully-layered colors, hardware included. They’re colorful, extremely tough and lighter than aluminum – attractive features for premium AR builders looking to add a little something extra to a new build.

    For budget-conscious builders who don’t want to compromise light weight and durability, Hogue now offers a new contour trigger guard in ultra-tough, high performance polymer at a $12.95 price point, including hardware. “A polymer trigger guard is a natural for us, given our injection molding expertise,” said Hogue. “There’s strong demand out there for high-performance AR parts at aggressive prices. Our polymer trigger guard meets the demand for a tough, extremely light, easy-to-install product at a great price.” Hardware (roll and plunger pin) is included so Hogue’s polymer trigger guard – like its G10 counterpart – is a quick and easy install.

    Hogue’s G10 AR trigger guards are available in Solid Black, as well as Hogue’s G-Mascus® line-up consisting of Black/Gray, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Red Lava, Blue Lava and Pink Lava. Contoured G10 guards are offered at an MSRP of $29.95 while straight G10 guards are priced at $24.95.

    Hogue’s new contour polymer trigger guards are offered in Black, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth (FDE) with an MSRP of $12.95.

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