AutoTargets: “Shooting Reinvented”

    There are a lot of different target systems either on the market or available soon.  One of the new, upcoming ones, AutoTargets, looks promising.  It is billed as a “digital reactive target system” with which you can (from their materials):

    • Receive instant feedback on your shooting performance with our free app for your Android tablet/phone.
    • Lift & drop targets with a single tap.
    • Set the number of hits required to drop a target.
    • Time your reaction, draw and reloads.
    • Create complex shooting scenarios involving multiple targets.
    • Stay safe with ricochet free targets that last hundreds of rounds.
    • Stay moving – it’s fully portable and easy to set up anywhere.

    Their beta testing video:

    I like that you can network a number of the systems together and set up scenarios and drills.  While I couldn’t find a current price (the system is going to be available for preorder on Indiegogo soon; no word on actual date), they mention it will be around the cost of a new gun.  Granted that price point is going to be out of the budget for most individuals (especially to utilize the multiple target concept), but it would be great for clubs like 3-Gun, etc.  I imagine ranges could also invest in the system for a new and novel way to shoot.

    I’d like to know how many shots a target can take before replacing.  It sounds like replacement panels are going to be in the $20-30 range, so the amount of damage they can take will also be an important factor.

    Thoughts?  Would you buy one?

    UPDATE: The company emailed us to say …

    Regarding target longevity, the answer depends on what caliber you are shooting, but typically they last hundreds of rounds, potentially over a thousand. You can shoot through the same hole over and over again, and it will still work.

    Also, the cost of a replacement target should be closer to $20 than $30.

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