Underwood Ammunition Loading Lehigh Defense .458 SOCOM

    458 SOCOM

    Underwood Ammunition is loading Lehigh Defense bullets in its .458 SOCOM ammunition. The company is offering loads with both the Controlled Fracturing and the Xtreme Penetrator bullets.

    The first load uses a 300 grain Controlled Fracturing bullet. The load is rated at 1,840 fps and 2,255 ft-lbs of energy. The second load uses a 300 grain Xtreme Penetrator bullet and is also rated at 1,840 fps for 2,255 ft-lbs of energy.

    The Controlled Fracturing round retails for $67.99 per box/20. The Xtreme Penetrator is listed at $59.99/box.

    Iraqveteran8888 published a video earlier this month showing the two rounds out on the range. The crew used ballistic gel, soda bottles and more to test the ammo. Take a look below:

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