POTD: A Magpul’d Saiga 5.45mm & AR-15 SBR

    Chris sent us a photo of his Saiga chambered in 5.45mm converted into a AK-74 style rifle. It installed a Tapco G2 trigger, Magpul Zhukov handguard, Magpul grip, K-Var stock. It think its looks great. If a few years ago you told me Magpul furniture would look good on an AK I would have said “Never!”, but I would have been wrong. Magpul looks just as handsome on an AK as it does on a AR.

    Chris also sent us a photo of his custom Short barreled AR-15 featuring a Aero Precision upper/ lower, Timney trigger, JP silent capture spring, Rainier BCG, Daniel Defense 10.3″ barrel, Daniel Defense MK18 rail, Daniel Defense flash hider, Syrac Ordnance adjustable gas block, GEAR QD mount, a Magpul grip and a CTR stock. It took looks great.


    Thanks Chris.