TFBTV: Alex & Patrick’s Mad Minute Attempts

    A while back Steve issued the TFBTV Mad Minute Challenge to try and see which of TFB’s readers is the handiest behind the mighty Lee-Enfield rifle. Read Steve’s blog post to learn about the history of the “mad minute“.

    Inspired by historical accounts of soldiers of the Empire accomplishing terrific volumes of fire with the rifle, he purchased a copy of the old book of Musketry Regulations which outline proper technique for using and caring for the Enfield to give to the winner!

    In order to fully embarrass ourselves, Patrick and I hit the range to see how we could do!

    Thanks to our Sponsors: Ventura Munitions & Grizzly Targets

    We will allow entries into our mad minute competition until the end of the month (June 2015). The rules and entry form are below.

    The competition rules ….

    1. You must use a bolt-action Enfield rifle (any variant listed on this Wikipedia article is allowed).
    2. The rifle must have a fixed 10 round (or lower capacity) magazine. The magazine cannot be removed during the course of fire.
    3. You must use a 12″ target.
    4. You must be no closer than 100 yards from the target.
    5. Any shooting position is allowed, but rifle cannot be supported. The use of a bench is not allowed. A sling is allowed to be used.
    6. You must use iron sights.
    7. The winner is the shooter with the most rounds on target during a 60 second interval.
    8. If there is a tie, the shooter with the least misses will win, and if there is still a tie, the shooter with the most accurate shots will win.
    9. You must submit a video showing you attempting the challenge, a separate photo of the target.
    10. We will make a compilation videos showing contestants attempting the challenge. The video and photos you submit may be used in this video or on TFB.
    11. The competition is open to readers worldwide.
    12. Your entry must be submitted before 15 June 2015.
    13. The winner will receive an original copy of the Musketry Regulations (Steve found it at a bookstore in the UK).
    14. To enter the competition fill out the form below. We will email all contestants in June explaining how to submit your video and photos.

    Enter below …

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.