Self-Defense Hat From FAB Defense

    A few months ago there was a hat hitting the market that was being touted as “bullet proof” and now there’s a hat coming out designed to be used as a self-defense tool. It’s the Gotcha hat from FAB Defense, and it includes a hand-held tool that’s mounted to the brim of the hat. The company lists the tool as being made from a polymer so it won’t set off metal detectors and the tool itself is supposed to have multiple uses. Those uses include use of pressure-point tactics and restraining and disarming moves.

    A hat with a self-defense tool built into it is certainly an interesting idea, and one FAB will undoubtedly benefit from. The company’s press release doesn’t say whether the hat comes with some sort of use/training sheet to show individuals how specifically to use the tool. What do you think?

    From FAB Defense:

    When it comes to personal protection, why not be proactive? The ultimate concealed self-defense tool from FAB Defense, the Gotcha hat can go with you where other weapons are prohibited. The less-lethal self-defense tool is hidden in plain sight adding confidence to any individual wearing the hat under any set of circumstances. The tool is made of MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, so it won’t trigger metal detectors and is mounted into the brim of a stylish hat so your attacker will never see it coming.

    Martial arts experts Dov Granchrow and Yaron Hanover designed the Gotcha hat so that individuals, even when wearing little clothing (such as shorts or swimsuits), would never be caught empty-handed. The Gotcha can be drawn easily from the holding mount within the brim of the hat in a non-threatening motion, which will catch your attacker off guard. Not only will users confidently defend themselves, they’ll have the last word: Gotcha. The personal-defense tool enables quick pressure point standoff as well as restraining and disarming techniques.

    The comfortable baseball-style hat is available in four colors, black, coyote tan, dark earth (brown) and OD green. The front of the hat can be personalized with interchangeable Velcro patches.

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