Questionable Live Fire Training

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    If you look for the best training in South Africa and you serious about your safety and your family or you law enforcement or close protection officer, Then I can give you what you look for. I serve in one of the top unit in Israel Serve in the Israeli security services for many years I developed the KALAH SYSTEM. I will definitely can’t train you in 5 hr to become a fighting machine “like other organizations promise they can do it ” But with good mine set and understand combat in general no matter if is for you own protection or you are a law enforcement etc is a serious and must to have proper and hard work and to put time and effort if you understand that then I can help you
    Please don’t try this at home


    Idan Abolnik is a self defense trainer. His English skills need a little polishing. But it is not his grammatical skills that I question, but rather his training regimen. There are many instances, in just this video, where he or someone else is down range of a live weapon. Even worse, he has live weapons pointed at him that are loaded AND chambered!

    So it looks like Idan was taught the same manual of arms as other Israeli instructors. If you recall, I posted about another Israeli instructor and he would “chicken wing” his pistol while in the “straddling a fat horse” stance. Idan does the same thing in this video. However there is another aspect to the manipulation that I do not understand. The “chicken wing” is to get the pistol into position so you can grab the slide and rack it as the shooter punches the pistol outward. It is silly but I can understand the reasoning behind it.¬†They are required to carry chamber empty, so leave that argument aside. What I do not understand, is Idan’s consistent tendency to flick the weapon and chicken wing it after each string of shooting. Perhaps he is looking into the chamber when using the AR-15? But if that was so, why would he need to do that with the pistol? Look closely at his shooting technique. When he stops shooting and goes back to retention, he always flicks the pistol sideways.

    Pistol wing


    Please do not try the things you see in this video. They are extremely dangerous.

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