New Citori 725 Guns From Browning

    Browning is known for their long guns, and if you shoot trap or just want a well-made gun for target shooting, they have two new models coming out you might be interested in. The Citori 725 line is being expanded to include the Pro Sporting and Pro Trap shotgun, each of which has been designed for proper balance improved aiming. Shooting trap involves the need to mount your shotgun to your shoulder in one smooth motion while getting your gun on target for a quick, accurate shot, and Browning has created these guns for just that. In addition to their carefully designed balance point these guns have triggers with the lightest pull weight ever for this particular model and an improved choke system for better patterning.

    Browning has been manufacturing firearms since 1878 with founder John Browning also responsible for the creation of some widely-used calibers of ammunition. With almost 150 years of experience behind them the company certainly has a long and varied background in firearms design and manufacture. Over the years they’ve come up with a number of new, innovative designs, and they’re among the most well-known manufacturers in the industry.

    Take a look at the new guns for yourself online at: MSRP $3,999.99.

    From Browning:

    Browning continues to expand the Citori 725 target shotgun line-up to include the new Pro Sporting and Pro Trap models. Both models feature a Pro Fit Adjustable Comb and Pro Balance System in the stock that allows shooters to fine-tune the balance point for a perfect mount and swing.

    Other features found on all Citori 725 shotguns include Fire Lite Mechanical Trigger System that offers unmatched feel and lighter pull weights than ever before offered on a Citori. The full-width hinge pin and tapered locking bolt design ensure strength and durability for many years of service. For a better shot pattern and performance, Citori 725 Pro shotguns feature the Invector-DS choke tube system.

    The Citori 725 Pro Sporting will be offered in 12 and 20 gauge with 30″ or 32″ barrels at a suggested retail of $3,999.99. The Citori 725 Pro Trap 12 gauge features a high rib and with 30″ or 32″ barrels and a suggested retail of $3,999.99.

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