This Jeep Is Armed To The Teeth

    I was at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival last weekend. Bantam is where the original Jeep was designed and made before it was bought by AMC. Jeep fans from all over come to this event. There is a section for military Jeeps and there I met Edward Maurer. Ed owns a couple old military Jeeps. This one is a M38 Jeep from Early 1952. There is another one that is a Late 1952 model where Jeep switched to a more rounded style.

    On this Jeep he has the following: 50cal, 1919 in 30cal, two M1 Carbines, one Paratrooper M1, two M1 Garands, two Thompson M1A1s, BAR, 1 Trench Gun and a replica samurai sword. All the guns work except for the two Thompsons.


    The old military Jeeps have a dedicated rifle mount for M1 Garands.

    IMG_4247 IMG_4248 IMG_4251 IMG_4252


    This is Ed’s Jeep with the 1919 mounted. It is stored vertically but can be deployed. The mount is attached to the Jeep and there is a pintle mount so you can aim the 1919.



    Here is the 50cal.



    Browning Automatic Rifle



    M1 Garand



    M1 Carbine



    Rear mounted Trench Gun.

    IMG_4261 IMG_4262 IMG_4263

    Another M1 Garand




    The other M1 Carbine



    M1 Paratrooper. He told me he locks them up because one time some kid tried to take the Paratrooper. Even though the locks detract from the look, he rather be safe.




    Alongside Ed’s Jeep was this tank.

    The M5 Stewart with a 37 mm main gun.




    Ed co-owns this Mule with a converted 1919. The 1919 is hooked up to oxygen and propane. Using an electric switch, they can fire the gas. He tells me that when it goes off, it sounds just like the real thing.

    IMG_4267 IMG_4268 IMG_4269


    This Jeep belongs to a friend of his. It has a recoil-less rifle.


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