Sten left behind in London

    CASCADE NEWS PIX - PIC shows Eileen Burgoyne, whose death ended up sparking a bomb scare after weapons and ammunition were discovered at her home in Twickenham, Surrey,including a fully operational Sten sub-machine gun. Now personal effects detailing some of her career in the Second World War have been sent to her cousin, Georgina Wood, detailing some of her work. But it is believed the full extent will never be known because it was classified.

    The Daily Mail has come out with an article about a lady who served in the British intelligence service after World War Two as a translater and left behind a 9mm Sten submachine gun after her passing in 2014. She was 99 years old and lived in a small row house in south west London. The Sten still had the original sling, but there was no mention made of a magazine or live ammunition. From the Daily Mail-

    And in February this year, just months after her death at the age of 99, those rumours appeared to be confirmed once and for all.

    Builders were renovating Miss Burgoyne’s former £725,000 home when they came across a hoard of items, more commonly seen these days on the scene of a Hollywood movie.

    In highly dramatic scenes, the usually quiet area was cordoned off amid fears of an imminent bomb explosion at the uninhabited property.

    Then, as police delved further beneath the surface of the home she had occupied for the past 20 years, they discovered a trove of possessions which pointed to her involvement in the intelligence services – probably helping to interrogate high-ranking prisoners.


    ……Amid a cache of weapons, officers found a Sten submachine gun – an austere British 9mm weapon used throughout the Second World War – in full working order.



    Much of her correspondence was found as well, revealing facts about her life that her own family had no clue about. 


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