Weekend Photo: Jeff’s PTR-91 (Semi-auto H&K G3 Clone)

    Jeff wrote …

    After toying with the idea for years, I finally decided to order a gun from an internet store. For years I had wrongfully believed that the process would be complicated, expensive, and take weeks. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

    I bought this PTR-91 from Atlantic Firearms last week. The process was as easy as ordering something from Amazon. Atlantic Firearms already had my local gun shop’s FFL on file, so I simply selected their name from a list of dealers and notified the shop that I was having a gun shipped to them.

    I ordered it on Tuesday evening and it arrived at my local gun Friday morning! I doubt that is the average amount of time for shipping, but I couldn’t believe that I received my gun only 2 full days after I ordered it!

    If you’ve never ordered a gun online, give it a try! I’ve been seeing reputable online stores with some amazing deals for years and I feel foolish for just now getting around to actually trying it.

    The┬áPTR-91 is a H&K HK91, which was H&K’s civilian version of the H&K G3 battle rifle.