Sauer Updates the 404 Series Rifle

    Saur & Sohn has updated their 404 rifle line with a number of improved features. These rifles seem to be aimed at European big game hunters and Safari hunts. It retails for $3,800 and is available in .30-06 and .375 Holland & Holland. I’m assuming more calibers will or currently are available but these are the two that came out in the press release. The bolt has interchangeable bolt heads along with interchangeable barrels. The barrels can be swapped out for new calibers. Note that is not to be confused with Sig Sauer, the two companies joined forces to work on the 220 and P226 and earlier series of handguns but other than that the two are separate today. The company has the record of being the oldest firearms company continually active in Germany.

    404 Classic XT

    404 Classic XT

    What really stands out about the S 404 is its patented safety concept, the heart of which is a completely new manual cocking system. The ergonomically perfect metal cocking slide on the bolt shroud allows the rifle to be cocked both comfortably and silently since the sound of the detent button in the rear third of the slide is automatically muffled by the soft flesh of the thumb. The slide is retracted to its uncocked position by simply pressing the button again with the thumb. In addition to the manual cocking feature, an automatic firing pin safety works inside the S 404 to prevent it from firing when the bolt is not fully closed. In order to open the bolt with the gun on safe, whether loaded or unloaded, it is only necessary to push the cocking slide forward two millimeters while at the same time lifting the bolt handle. This way, safe handling becomes instinct aided by intelligent technology.

    A key highlight of the S 404 is the revolutionary SAUER Quattro trigger system. With the help of the integral SUS universal key, the shooter can now choose between four different trigger pull weights in seconds. Regardless which setting the hunter chooses, the SAUER Quattro is sure to delight with a trigger characteristic that gives new meaning to the term ‘bone dry’. From the ultra-precise long-distance shot at the target range or up a mountain slope to the driven hunt in freezing weather, there is a setting for every situation. The finishing touch is the ability to fit the trigger to the shooter’s hand.  With a three inch adjustment range for length of pull and a left-to-right swivel range of 5 degrees, it guarantees each shooter optimal contact with this important operator interface. The perfectly curved extra-wide grooved trigger blade ensures that the trigger finger finds a comfortable position with ease.

    The newly conceived and patented SUM (SAUER Universal Mount) offers a low build height, superior stability, and 100% return to zero. The mount base is milled into the receiver of the S 404, thereby assuring the highest level of strength with the tightest possible tolerances. In addition to adjusting the trigger pull weight, the SUS universal key has another purpose: This tool allows for lightning-fast disassembly of the S 404. Replacement of the stock and barrel can be carried out in less than a minute. The removable bolt head provides an added plus in flexibility.The SAUER 404 allows the hunter to shoot all available calibers with a single rifle. Even the jump from Standard to Magnum is no problem: Simply swap out the bolt head to transform the S 404 from a .30-06 for local hunting to an uncompromising buffalo stopper in .375 H&H Magnum in two easy steps.

    They’ve got some really well made videos!

    404 Synchro XT

    404 Synchro XT


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