Heckler & Koch VP40s Have Shipped

    Gun forums across the internet were abuzz this past weekend with news that some distributors had in stock examples of the new H&K VP40 handgun. Some of the relevant posts are replicated below:

    From HKPro:

    Default VP40 released

    I realize that I am very ill right now and have been swamped with medical care 24/7 all week, however did I miss the announcement that the VP40 is here and available for purchase right now?

    I see that Hkspecialist has them in stock…
    HK Specialist – Product Display

    If this release info has been posted already and I missed it, please disregard it. I tried the search but only found older threads and the most recent shown post was a prediction for by years end.

    If this makes members who have been awaiting the VP40 aware. I’m glad this helped.

    I guess I should invest in 100+ mags, especially for the non free states. That kind of investment might pay off the medical bills and buy my dream NFA MP5 if they become the unicorns the 9mm mags have been.

    From SIG Forum:


    Picture of Prefontaine

    posted June 06, 2015 01:47 AM


    Pictures of the VP40’s brochure were also shared online:


    Image source: glocktalk.com


    Availability seems so far to be limited. Already HK Specialist is out of stock of the new .40 caliber striker-fired HK.

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