ADK Arms Budget Priced AR Trigger


    A smooth light weight trigger can make a big difference, it’s usually what I upgrade first with all my ARs. Check out this budget friendly replacement trigger from ADK Arms. They’re currently running a special on their new trigger at just $59.99. The triggers are melonite QPQ coated and have pretty cool looking cutouts. ADK Arms claims they have a weight as low as 3.8 to 4 lbs with no creep or take-up.

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    ADK Arms fire control group features rugged military-type components carefully prepped to give a smoother trigger pull while maintaining the original geometry for maximum reliability. The trigger is melonite QPQ coated for durability and decrease in friction. Matched with our precision ground hammer, this produces a refined custom trigger kit for the AR-15 that will reduce the weight of pull to as low as 3.8 to 4.0 lbs. with no take-up or creep. Each trigger group is matched and tested prior to shipping. All components are manufactured in house at our manufacturing facility in Illinois.

    ***INTRO SALE***
    ADK Arms – Fire Control Group, AR-15

    MSRP – $69.99
    Sale Price – $59.99 +S/H

    Trigger set requires installation, but no permanent modification and only simple tools like punches and mallets. The system is compatible with the original hammer unless it has been modified. Recommend Trigger Adjustment Grip Screw for reduction in trigger slack in older AR’s. Fits most AR-15/AR-10 rifles with hammer and sear pin diameters of .154″.

    Upgraded custom trigger
    Trigger spring
    Hammer spring
    Trigger hammer pins (.154″ diameter).
    Easily installed, with a crisp single stage 3.8-4.0 lb pull.

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