Veyes Flip-up Hat Mounted Shooting Glasses

    Check out these innovative sunglasses from Veyes. They’re flip-up sunglasses that don’t use traditional temple bars and instead attach to the visor of a baseball hat. The lenses are interchangeable and are made of polycarbonate with UV400 protection and are available in 5 different colors. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign with pledges starting at $30 for a set. As someone who wears glasses these seem like a pretty convenient way to be able to wear yellow-tinted shooting glasses in front of my prescription lenses.


    Flip-up sunglasses that attach to the visor of your hat

    How often do you wear sunglasses with a hat during your favorite sporting activity? Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable and inconvenient they are? Let’s face it, sunglasses and hats weren’t designed to be worn together – until now.

    Introducing VEYES, the 21st century version of flip-up sunglasses. VEYES eliminates the annoying temple bars associated with conventional sunglasses and attaches the lens directly to the visor of your hat. And, the lens flips up and down.

    These aren’t your grandpa’s flip-up sunglasses!


    VEYES is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The VEYES frame attaches to a curved visor and pivots the lens between a down (operative) position and an up (inoperative) position. The frame contains a hidden spring that keeps the lens in the up position and automates movement of the lens from the down position to the up position.

    Easily attaches to most curved visors

    VEYES is designed to fit most curved visors. Believe it or not, most curved visors have the exact same dimensions and curvature. To attach VEYES to a curved visor, you simply slide the front clip of the VEYES frame onto the front of the visor, and then insert the sides of the visor into the two side clips on the VEYES frame, making sure they are evenly aligned.

    High quality, interchangeable lenses

    VEYES uses high quality polycarbonate lenses complete with UV400 protection, which blocks harmful UVA and UVB radiation. VEYES comes with 5 interchangeable lenses:

    Dark gray polarized
    Yellow tint
    Blue tint
    Multi-colored mirrored



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