Shooting the Benelli M1 (Part 2)

    To follow up with their brief commentary on the Benelli M1 shotgun, Alex and Patrick hit the range to evaluate these famous and well renowned shotguns. Yesterday we posted our Benelli M1 discussion video. If you missed that you can watch it here.

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    Our video transcript is below …

    – Here we are at the range with the Benelli M1’s.

    And we’re gonna shoot a few rounds, so we can give you an initial impression.

    Patrick’s more experienced on the shotgun than I am.

    Here we go.

    – That is a pretty sweet shooter.

    – I had one malfunction.

    I don’t know why.

    Maybe the gun doesn’t like me.

    – Sad to be you.

    – I’ll keep shooting it tho.

    – So I have the magazine tube loaded up with eight rounds of buck.

    Well seven in the mag, one in the pipe.

    And I’m gonna see if it works okay.

    I know that the Inertia system is pretty famous for being able to soak up recoil.

    Let’s see how it goes.

    I’m gonna it hits a little harder than I was expecting.

    I’ve shot gas-breathers that are a little better as far as mitigating recoil.

    But this is still not too bad, actually.

    It’s very pointable, very shootable.

    All in all, I’d say I like it.

    – So I’ve shot a friend of mine’s 930 JM Pro and I was able to get that going pretty quick.

    I want to see if I can do the same with this gun.

    I’m thinking maybe not.

    It doesn’t have the nice trigger, all that good stuff.

    But let’s see how it goes.

    Feel like I got in a car accident.

    – So a lot of semi-automatic shotguns out there have trouble cycling if the don’t have a firm back, say, if they’re not resting on your shoulder.

    I wanna see if this one does.

    So I’ve loaded some number eight, 2 3/4 inch shot shells.

    Now I’m gonna see if it cycles.

    It did not.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the Inertia system had enough to kick the shell out.

    I’ll try one more time.

    That time it did.

    Still, I probably wouldn’t recommend shooting one from the hip.

    – Little known fact, you can also use a semi-auto 12-gauge for light gardening and cleaning up around your house.

    No more pesky stump.

    – Basically guys, the ammo we’re using today actually was sourced from a colleague’s brother who’s moving to Florida and he took his guns but he couldn’t take his ammo, or something like that.

    Basically, our ammo sponsor today is courtesy of some law prohibiting this on an airplane.

    So the ammo we’re shooting is kind of from a grab-bag of everything.

    We’re shooting steel shot, lead shot, BB shot, buck.

    You name it, it’s in this box.

    The only thing these guns can’t handle is the 3 1/2 inch Magnum shells.

    So this may account for the issue I had earlier with the malfunction.

    This ammo, some of it’s really old.

    Got the late seventies, early eighties art on the plastic shells.

    So it is kinda cool but these are pretty much gobbling everything up with one exception.

    – We were gonna set this spare target we had laying around up downrange and pattern these, but unfortunately we’ve got so much rain here recently that it’s kind of a swamp down there at the other end of the range.

    So instead I thought that I’d just shoot the target and see how many holes I can get in it at the same time.

    Now, I’ve loaded up a three inch shell, and immediately following it I’ve got a 2 3/4 inch bird shot shell.

    So you get to kinda see how much of a recoil difference there is between the two.

    That bird shot shell there’s no recoil.

    The three inch shell really knocks you around a little bit.

    – It’s a lot of fun shooting shotguns, no matter what.

    – All right guys, so we shot these quite a bit with a mixture of different loads.

    Bird, buck, 2 3/4, three inch and so on.

    And I think we have kind of a dissenting opinion here.

    I’m personally really not a fan of the Inertia shotgun.

    Especially if it is the M1.

    I’d rather have the M4.

    Not to say these aren’t bad shooters.

    But I think, Patrick, you enjoyed it a little more than I did.

    – I really did.

    You do have a shoulder issue that is kind of bugging you.

    The shotgun hitting so hard is not allowing you to enjoy it as much as you could.

    – Right.

    Broken collar bones are not something I’d recommend.

    I’m the king of the broken clavicle.

    But they still worked okay.

    I had that one malfunction at the beginning which was strange because after that it ran perfectly.

    They also haven’t been shot in 15 years probably.

    – Yeah.

    I will say my opinion is a lot different than yours.

    Like you said, I really enjoyed it.

    I think it’s a fantastic gun.

    It fits me well.

    That’s something I’ve had a hard time with with your standard pump guns.

    You guys know, I’m a shorter guy.

    Sometimes my arms don’t reach far enough whenever I’m turned a certain way to go ahead and chamber the next round.

    That’s not a problem I’ve got with these.

    I trust it.

    – Yeah.

    I would like to shoot it a couple hundred more times to be honest with you, with buck, to make sure that one round I had malfunction was just a fluke.

    But the handling characteristics and the way they point and everything is fantastic.

    – One thing I really did like about these is the sights on it.

    I think we mentioned ’em earlier this week when we did the other video.

    But it’s got some standard rifle-type sights.

    I found it to be really quick to go ahead and acquire a target.

    Even more so quick than a bead.

    – Absolutely.

    That’s one of the shining points of these guns.

    Other than that, if you have a chance to shoot one of these, give it a try.

    The Inertia system really is kind of neat.

    – It definitely feels different than a gas shotgun.

    – It does, it does, it really is.

    Guys, we hope you’ve enjoyed this kind of experimental segment for TFB TV.

    We’ve never done something like this before.

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    This is Alex C.

    – Patrick R.

    – Thanks for watching TFB TV.

    Alex C.

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