Recover Tactical HC11 1911 Holster

    Recover Tactical makers of the CC3 1911 Grip and Beretta BC2 Grip systems which add a rail to your 1911 or Beretta 92 series pistols has released their HC11 holster for those using their CC3H grip and rail for the 1911. Because 1911s using the CC3H rail system won’t fit in most 1911 holsters Recover Tactical developed their own. It’s available in either active or passive lock in either left or right-handed draw.

    This holster won’t work with the original CC3 1911 grips however, but if you have the original CC3 type 1911 grips Recover Tactical will exchange them out to the updated CC3H grips free of charge. They currently don’t have a holster for their Beretta BC2 grips but they’re working on one that should be released later this year. The HC11 holster retails for $59.99 at

    The Recover HC11 holster is designed to hold any 1911 that uses the Recover CC3H grip and rail system. The holster allows for a natural draw, and is compatible with most pistol rail mounted accessories on the market.

    · Patent pending Frame Locking System with universal railed accessories.

    · Currently available for standard size 1911s that use a Recover CC3H grip and rail system.

    · Available in Active or Passive Lock.

    · Available for right-hand or left-hand draw

    · Warranty – 36 Months Free Exchange with proof of purchase

    The HC11 holster will only work with our upgraded CC3H grips. It will not work with our older CC3 grips.

    If you already own the original CC3 grip and rail system, we currently offer a free exchange to our upgraded CC3H grips when you purchase the HC11 holster.

    What’s the difference between an active and passive lock holster you ask? Here’s a tidbit from Recover Tactical’s site.

    Active Retention requires the pressing of the button on the side of the holster to “unlock” the gun from the holster. Passive Retention holds the gun in place and will allow you to draw the firearm simply by pulling with a little extra force.


    Phil Note: We are testing these now and will post a review shortly.

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