POTD: A Last Chance AR-15 Pistol

    JC decided it was now or never to build the AR pistol of his dreams. He wrote …

    I have twins due in September, so this was my last chance to build a gun to my specs. Here is the build sheet:

    Spikes Tactical upper
    Odin Works 300BLK 10.5 barrel (-local, Boise company)
    Odin Works 9.5 KMod handguard
    Rock River Arms chrome lined BCG (solved FTE issues)
    JP Enterprises muzzle brake (- thing is beefy)
    Odin Works milled Alum KMod hand stop(friggin work of art)
    Odin Works low pro adjustable gas block
    Vortex Viper PST 1-4x MRAD
    Burris one piece mount
    MGM throw lever( – local company)
    BCM gunfighter Charging handle


    Spikes Tactical lower
    Odin works extended mag release (XMR- highly recommend)
    Seekins Precision trigger guard (solved problem of rough edges where lower reciever-pistol grip-trigger guard met up, which was causing chaffing issues on middle finger knuckle)

    Seekins Precision ambi 60 deg throw Safety selector(must have)
    Hiperfire trigger 4.5lbs (great budget trig)
    VTAC 2 point sling
    Magpul K pistol grip (steeper grip angle for comfort)
    Odin Works buffer tube with adjustment collar
    Sig Sauer pistol brace


    JC, It looks great. And best of luck for September. Get some sleep while you still can!