UK Army’s 105mm Light Gun

    While on my trip in the UK, I came across the L118 Light Gun. It is a 105mm caliber howitzer. In Liverpool, Army Recruiters had one on display.

    IMG_2681 IMG_2682

    According to the info sheet above:

    The versatile 105mm Light Gun is towed by a medium-weight vehicle. It can also be carried around the battlefield underneath a variety of helicopters.

    The system is fitted with an Automatic Pointing System (APS), which enables the gun to be made ready for action in 30 seconds. APS is based on an inertial navigation system and operated via touch screen.


    I saw the 105mm Light Gun again at the Edinburgh Castle, in Scotland. It is more commonly known as the One O’Clock Gun. They use a blank cartridge and fire the blank everyday, except Sundays, at exactly one o’clock. It is said that residents and sailors would set their clocks to it.


    Here a soldier prepares the cannon. He uncovers the muzzle and uncorks it.



    Here is a video I shot of the soldier firing the One O’clock gun.


    Here is a screen cap from my video above. You can see the muzzle flash and the compensator venting the gasses to the sides.

    105mm Light Gun



    Here is the soldier and the 4.1 inch wide casing.

    105mm Light Gun 2

    105mm Light Gun 3


    Edinburgh Castle also had a 25 pounder on display.

    DSC_0191 DSC_0192


    IMG_3048  IMG_3050
    Here is a photo I took down the muzzle of the 25 pounder.

    25 pounder 1


    Here is a photo of the chamber of the 25 pounder.25 pounder 2

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