New Ares SCR Adjustable Sights From ARES

    If you’re a fan of iron sights and in the market for some easily installed sights from a company with a solid presence in the military and law enforcement world, the new ARES SCR Adjustable Sights may be just what you need. ARES new sights come with the tools necessary to install them and are advertised as being quick and easy to install by the user, plus they’re tough, durable, and adjustable. They’re specifically designed to fit on ARES SCR rifles with the front sight fitting over the gas block and the rear sight sitting over the MIL-STD 1913 receiver rail.

    ARES has been in the industry since 1997. Their products are made in America with American materials and built according to exacting standards. Their focus on military and law enforcement needs gives an extra edge to their commercial products, and as the company says, their “intense dedication to mission critical innovation” has resulted in numerous innovative ideas that have revolutionized some components and accessories. ARES prides themselves on producing components that are lighter, yet tougher, and these new SCR Adjustable Sights are an example of the results of their efforts.

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    From ARES:

    ARES Defense Systems, the country’s leading manufacturer of innovative, mission-configurable firearms, parts and accessories announces the release and availability of its optional iron sights for the company’s ARES SCR™ rifles. The sights are designed to be user installed in minutes with the supplied wrenches and instructions – No Gunsmithing Required!

    The front sight is installed over the ARES SCR™ low profile gas block and is a four-position protected post, adjustable for elevation with a standard AR sight wrench or bullet tip. The rear sight fits over the ARES SCR™ MIL-STD 1913 receiver rail and is user adjustable with a windage drum. Additionally, the front sight housing includes a 1″ sling swivel for mounting your favorite sling.

    The innovative and patented ARES SCRä (Sport Configurable Rifle) is the first of its class of firearms that is not only legal almost anywhere in America, but is the first rifle to successfully combine the traditional lines of a hunting pattern rifle with the modularity of an AR-15 rifle.

    The ARES SCR™ blends strength, reliability, accuracy and rugged all-weather characteristics of America’s longest serving infantry rifle with the classic lines of an American sporter. Lightweight, accurate and featuring a MIL-STD 1913 flat top upper receiver that accepts most modern optics, the ARES SCR™ is designed to perform under the most demanding field, competitive shooting or tactical conditions. The multi-caliber, modular design permits the operator to instantly change calibers in the field by simply pressing two pins and exchanging one upper receiver assembly for another.

    Designed for optimal configuration, the ARES SCR™ accepts most Modern Sporting Rifle accessories and parts including magazines, upper receivers, barrels, bolts, handguards and optics, so it can be easily and effectively reconfigured for each individual shooters’ style and activity. Supported by a full line of performance accessories and manufactured of the highest quality aircraft grade alloys by American craftsmen, the weatherproof and dependable ARES SCR™ will provide a lifetime of accurate shooting pleasure for all Americans. ARES SCR – One Rifle, Any Season.

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