SCAR Hs in Kenya

    This post came about in a roundabout way. SOFREP recently posted this article about a recent raid in Kenya against al-Shabaab. However, the photo they used for their article is from the Westgate Mall attack almost two years ago (September 24 2013). Nonetheless, the photo is still pretty interesting, it shows at least three 7.62x51mm SCAR Hs in the hands of Kenyan Special Forces (at least I think they are…). They seem to have reversed their charging handles to the right side of the weapon and have Eotech 512s and flashlights mounted with switch pads. Two of the soldiers have M4s with U.S. Military issue MaTech rear sights. Whether or not all the material came from the United States I don’t know but this shows a good amount of it is U.S. standard issue. Their uniforms are of the British camouflage style as well as their flak jackets. I know the U.K does alot of training with Kenya so this might have something to do with that. But most of the guys have head scarves under their helmets, meaning it’s either chilly or they lack sufficient helmet pads and use those instead. All photos are taken from this Portugese news website.


    Chinese Type 56-2 in Kenya as well.


    A Yugoslavian M70 indicative by the grenade launcher flip up sight.


    G3 to the right, while another Chinese Type 56 on the left, indicative by the attached bayonet.



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