New Bushnell Rubicon Flashlights

    Bushnell T500

    Bushnell announced the addition of two new Rubicon flashlights to the company’s catalog. One is a 250 lumen light, while the second is a 500 lumen light. Both are rechargeable via USB.

    The T500R uses a CREE LED and is rated at 500 lumens. No candela measurement is given, but it lists a beam distance of 90m. I would presume that the candela rating would be relatively low based on the given numbers, and that this light would provide a wide beam rather than one with a precise center for distance illumination. Run time is given as 90 minutes. The MSRP is $89.99.

    Bushnell T250

    The T250R also uses a CREE LED. Rated at 250 lumens, it offers a beam distance of 100m. This model is specifically listed as a “wide beam flashlight” by Bushnell. Run time is given as three hours. The suggested retail price is $59.99.

    Richard Johnson

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