Leupold Mount System App for iPad

    Leupold has released an app (iOS only for now) that helps you figure out an appropriate mounting solution for your firearm and scope.

    We know the wide variety of rings and bases can be daunting. That’s why we developed the Mount Systems app as a simple way to find the right mounting solution,” said Pat Mundy, director of brand communications for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Finding the right mounting system is now as easy as turning on your iPad.

    The interface starts with users selecting their brand of firearm, then they can narrow their options down further by choosing their specific model. Once a model is selected, the user selects the type of riflescope they are trying to mount. Optics can be selected by Leupold model, or by maintube and objective bell diameter.

    Depending on the riflescope selected and the options available for specific firearms, users may be asked a few other questions, such as finish type, ring height, or whether or not they require adjustable bases. After these questions are answered, the user is presented with the correct mounting solution, including images of the packaging, making it easy to find the right products in the store.

    Covering 386 firearms from 54 manufacturers, the Leupold Mount Systems app has 40,955 mounting options, making it a great tool for anyone needing to mount an optic on a firearm. The Mount Systems app works on iPad and is available now for free from the iTunes App Store. For those without an iPad, the mount finder is also available on the Leupold website.

    The free app is huge at 302 Mb, but it covers 386 firearms (from 54 manufacturers), and has a whopping 40,955 mounting options detailed.

    You can find the app at:

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