Handl SCAR47

    It seems that AK variants are gaining in popularity and gun manufacturers are making their versions. Such as Faxon Firearms ARAK and CMMG’s Mutant. Well Handl Defense is taking a crack at it. Handl Defense makes aluminum lowers for SCAR platforms. Their SCAR25 lower allows the use of AR10/SR25 magazines to be used with a SCAR 17S.

    SCAR47_Image lower

    Handl Defense is making an AK47 magazine compatible lower receiver to work with a SCAR 17/MK17/MK20 upper receiver. It will be CNC out of 7075-T6 aluminum. Since the SCAR platform uses the upper receiver as the registered firearm, swapping the lower receiver is simple and legal.

    No word on price just yet but you can check it out on their website.



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