Did Anyone Here Lose a Gold AK-47?

    Posted a few days ago, apparently someone accidentally left a solid gold AK-47 behind in a taxi cab in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Taxi cab company from St. Petersburg is in search of a customer who has left a solid gold AK-47 in a special slim case that was left behind in one of the company’s cabs this week. The customer, reportedly, was in rush and left the case behind. The company driver surrendered the case to management and they, after a few days of waiting, decided to publish the photos in hope to find the client.

    This obviously brings up a number of questions.  Who actually has a solid gold AK?  And who is actually absent-minded enough to forget said solid gold AK in a taxi–in Russia?  I would venture that the reason that it wasn’t melted and sold off is because anyone that could be an owner of such and item is likely someone that would not be “pleased” with such an outcome… 🙂   What do you readers think?

    Thanks to Azril for the find!

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