Weekend Photo: First Time Tactical Drills

    Duo Z wrote …

    Today for the first time I tried my hand at tactical drills at the shooting range, and it was quite humbling. I’m an avid hunter and shooter, not the best by any means, but I know my way around a firearm. I spend most of my time shooting long distances. Never before have I had the chance to try moving and shooting. The added dynamics were thrilling. I did OK, and I can see where this can be an ever changing event that can teach a person a lot more about shooting than just squeezing the trigger and hitting the circle on your paper. I would recommend to anyone that has the opportunity to try a day of tactical shooting drills. Its definitely worth the time and ammunition.

    This is some of the gear used by my friend and I. A couple of the firearms were brought just to put a few holes in paper and enjoy them. Primarily he used the top AR15 rifle and Beretta 92. My firearms of choice were the lower AR15 rifle and the Smith and Wesson M&P pistol. Half way through the day the aftermarket front sight loosened up on the M&P and I switch over to the Radom Vis35 at the bottom. It left me hanging once, but after a quick fix with a pocket knife it was back in business. The two brought for fun were the Springfield M1A at the top and the Polish P64 in the zip case in the middle.

    Everyone hasĀ is a newbie when they first start! Keep on at it.