Zero Carry Concealment Holster

    The Zero Carry holster is another minimalist style holster on the market similar to the Versacarry holster that was released a few years ago. The Zero Carry will work for both left and right handed shooters and works with handguns chambered in .32ACP and larger with barrels up to 5 inches. The Zero Carry is very light and thin but it doesn’t include a trigger guard like the Versa Carry does.

    Zero Carry is the ultimate holster for concealment. Zero means zero added bulk compared to all other concealed carry holsters. Universally designed for comfort and compatibility, Zero Carry is perfect for left or right handed shooters, adjusts to your preferred gun ride height, and it fits all calibers (*.32 ACP and up). Zero Carry will not harm your barrel, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


    WARNING: Zero Carry® is designed to provide the user with a method of IWB (in waistband) concealed carry that is minimal in design by reducing bulk. Zero Carry® is not to be used with a firearm holstered in Condition 0, 1, or 2 (chambered round in firearm). It is advisable to never touch trigger until ready to shoot. Never point firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.

    Unfortunately just like with the Versa Carry holster it’s not recommended for use with a round in the chamber. They retail at just $24.95, if you’re looking for a light minimalist style CCW holster and are OK with the “Israeli carry” method check them out at

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