Common Ballistics Terms by Guns & Ammo

    I love it when someone can take the time to break something down Barney-style. Stepping up to the plate to help confused shooters out is Guns and Ammo magazine which has published “Common Ballistic Terms You Should Know” complete with handy graphics (for the reading impaired) and supporting text (for those who like to read).

    Long-range shooting is one of the biggest trends on today’s shooting scene, big enough that it’s driving purpose-designed new rifles and riflescope models. Whether your game is hunting, tactical, competitive or simply recreational, there’s a movement within it to stretch the distance at which you can consistently and precisely hit a target. And there should be — pulling off a tricky shot on a small target a half-mile away is challenging, gratifying and takes skill and practice.

    The movement has adopted several common terms and generated new ones. If you’re new in the game, the jargon tossed back and forth at the range or during a match can be bewildering.

    So, be cool, learn from the Guns and Ammo school so the next time you are not at the range, you don’t look like a fool (or tool). 


    Nathan S

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