The UPS Suppressor Shipping Situation Clarified

    A reader emailed us to say that the UPS policy is not nearly as draconian as we thought. They are not banning the shipment of suppressors, but only allowing FFLs to ship suppressors. A TFB reader emailed us saying …

    This move was a clarification of the existing policy. The policy is in place to keep UPS in compliance with federal regulations.

    Many manufacturers with the proper FLLs can ship to a consumer or other business entities provided they are able to legally receive the shipment.

    For instance a manufacturer in GA could not ship to an end user in CT, it has to go to an FLL holder with the proper SOT.

    This came about when reviewing the shipment of a specific company. However only one shipment was refused and now this customer has an exception to the national policy based on federal regulations.

    I am waiting for the UPS PR Director to confirm what the reader said.

    Steve Johnson

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