New Howling Raven Prototype Mosin 10 Round Mag

    Remember the Mosin muzzle brake post a few weeks back? Howling Raven, the same folks who make that muzzle brake posted a cycle test video on their Instagram page of their 10 Round magazine prototype for the Mosin Nagant rifle. It looks pretty interesting, it’s not the first 10 round mag for the Mosin however. Riflemods has been working on a Mosin Nagant 10 round mag for quite a while now, there’s also the Archangel Stocks that have removable polymer mags. Yes I know NYET, Rifle is fine comrade! This isn’t a mod that will permanently change the rifle and is totally reversible, unlike this poor Mosin.


    Our prototype Mosin-Nagant 10 round magazine extension being cycled. We plan to have this manufactured out of a poly carbonate material similar to what most modern handguns are made out of. Still in the testing phase but everything is going great

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