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    If you’re one of the many gun owners who has purchased a Glock 43, is on a waiting list for one, or is simply waiting for an opportunity to arise, odds are you’re also looking for some aftermarket products. The Glock 43 comes with the same white 3-dot sights most Glocks do, and although they’re functional for target practice you might want to upgrade them if you plan to use your gun for EDC or as your primary defense at home. You have no way of knowing whether a self-defense situation will take place during broad daylight or night, and if an intruder were to invade your home it’s most likely to take place after dark. With that in mind, consider night sights for your Glock 43.

    XS Sight is putting out their own tritium night sights for the new Glock as both big and standard dot sights. The sights themselves are made of durable steel which is a must since odds are high they’ll be bumped against solid objects more than once not to mention holstered, drawn, and reholstered countless times. Although the sights are great for night XS Sight says they’re fully functional in all lighting. Read on for details from the company or take a look at their website at: MSRP $90.00.


    From XS Sight:

    XS Sight Systems, the leading manufacturer of hunting and tactical sights, is excited to announce the release of Tritium Express Big Dot and Standard Dot sight sets for the new Glock 43.

    The latest extension of XS tritium night sights, these Express sights offer the same reliable sighting solution XS Sights’ customers have come to depend on. Made in Texas from 1114 stress-proof American steel and Trijicon installed tritium inserts, both Express Big Dot and Standard Dot sets are fast-acquisition, defensive-minded sights that excel in any lighting condition. XS is the ideal upgrade for your home defense, self-defense and conceal carry Glock 43.

    “Here at XS, the entire staff has been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the new Glock 43,” says Bo Wallace, XS Sights Technical Manager of Research and Development. “While test firing for sight development, it did not disappoint! It was very controllable and one of the more accurate pistols of this class that we have had the pleasure of handling. There can be no better upgrade to it than adding our Big Dot Tritium front and White Stripe Express rear sights. We offer sights you can readily see to align and index against a threat in any light condition and while under stress in the highly dynamic environment of a threat encounter with an accurate response.”

    With a $90 MSRP, dealers can purchase through distributors that carry XS Sight Systems’ products. Individuals may purchase through online retailers, local gun stores or at

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